Wednesday, August 27, 2014

YA Wednesday! Shout out to Rainbow Rowell!


Rainbow Rowell

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 I am so in love with Rainbow Rowell's writing and stories. I mean, her name is Rainbow and she lives in Omaha (which has a really good music scene, I am telling ya.) I first read Eleanor & Park  (or as I like to call it a story about when Steven Yeun and I discovered The Smiths) because I kept seeing it everywhere. Everyone was talking about it. From indie readers to big time publishing houses. This led me to her other books which I don't love as much as Eleanor & Park but that I still totally adore.

If you haven't checked Rainbow's books out yet it's time. Drop me a line once you have read them so we can dish on all things Rainbow Rowell.

To convince you even more to check her out here are some of my favourite Rainbow book references.





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