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Blog Tour - Revenge Bound by Heidi Joy Tretheway

Title: Revenge Bound (a Tattoo Thief novel)
Categories: Romantic suspense, New Adult contemporary romance
Author: Heidi Joy Tretheway
Length: ~76,000 words/ 274 pages
Release date: Aug 6, 2014
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On the Internet, secrets never die…
Violet can’t imagine anything worse than having her very private, very naked photos strewn across the Internet. 
Until they multiply like a virus. 
With her name, address, and phone number attached. 
And her boss finds out. And a stalker finds her.
Violet’s refuge is a rock star known for going through groupies faster than guitar picks. Letting Jayce get close enough to protect her exposes her secrets—and her heart—to a man whose celebrity could ruin her.
That’s because being a nobody is the one thing that keeps Violet’s photos from making headlines. And it’s the reason she can never fall for a rock star. 
Secrets spread like wildfire when a celebrity fans the flames.
REVENGE BOUND is a full-length, standalone novel, and a companion to the Tattoo Thief books. It contains steamy scenes and strong language intended for mature readers. 


I am a huge fan of amazing writing. I mean who isn't right. If I were to go on Amazon and look at all the currently releases, there would be WAY too FUCKING many. Most of them will be forgotten about and that is a sad fate for authors. Most of them have shitty writing and you ask yourself why even finish it. So when an author comes along and gives you good writing, and it was the first book of theirs you have ever read, you lose apart of your book soul to them.

Heidi Joy Tretheway has a part of my book soul from when I read Tattoo Thief. That part grew larger when I finished Tyler and Stella. But now, at this very moment, my book soul belongs to Heidi Joy Tretheway. YUP. I fucking said it. I'm sure that will change the moment I start reading and falling in love with my next book. But at least it's in black and white and I had a moment with Heidi.

This book is darker and steamier than any  of hers before it. But what I love most about this book,  is the suspense. I am not sure if it's supposed to be considered a suspenseful romance, but that's what it is for me, and that's why she knocked it out of the park for me.

So, back to the steamy fucking steam. I am going to be completely honest (which I mean, come on I am always honest, DUH) I didn't think Heidi could do steamy.

*****Holds breath and runs away from the pitch forks that Heidi has aimed at my head*****

Let me explain before you start bitch slapping my ass. I mean have you read Tattoo Thief? That book is amazing writing but doesn't have the STEAM that most book out there have. She showed me some of her dirty mind in Tyler and Stella and she had me doubting my doubts about her steaminess.  I want to scream to my doubts to STFU because, SHE BLEW MY MIND.

"That's what you dreamed about?" he asks. "There's more," I confess, a smile tugging at my lips. "I'm dying to hear all about it."

Jayce is written in a way that he surprises you at every turn. You think he is just some overly sexed up rock star, but then the way he is with Violet melts your heart. But then you are like WOW, did I really just read that right?

"Because I know I could break her. I could get what I want. It's there for the taking. I could wrap the feelings I see plainly on her face together with little manipulations, little steps that tip the balance of power.
I could win her, but it would break her.
And I want Violet whole. Or nothing.

Violet, oh Violet. This poor girl got the shit end of the stick and didn't even deserve it. That stupid ex of hers really needs to be junk punched and maybe even his balls chopped off. Oh and don't get me started on her dad. That guy had some nerve.

Moving on, I loved her story line with the artist. Heidi has a way of making a story line interesting when you thought it couldn't be. I loved that Violet found Jayce and they can make each other better.

I loved everything about and I am speechless because her writing just keeps getting better and better, and that right there is why Heidi is one of my go to authors. I know she writes good shit so I will keep reading her books


TATTOO THIEF Series notes:
Each book in the Tattoo Thief series is a full-length, standalone novel featuring a different member of the rock band Tattoo Thief. The books can be read in any order. Full series:

Tattoo Thief – October 2013

Tyler & Stella – February 2014

 Revenge Bound – August 2014

·         Untitled book featuring Dave & Willa’s love story (final book in the series) – expected January 2015.

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