Monday, August 4, 2014

CARNAL--Seven Deadly Seals Vol. 1-- by Alana Albertson

My brother sits in a jail cell accused of murder. Our name has been slandered, his honorable reputation tarnished forever. The papers are having field day—decorated United States Navy SEAL Adan Cruz is a suspect in the murder of his fellow Navy SEAL Jordan Thompson. Jordan was shot with my brother’s gun, and residue was found on Adan’s hands.

But Adan is innocent. He gave me his word, and I don’t need any other proof. He’s all I have. Our parents died when I was in high school, and Adan enlisted in the Navy to support us. He sacrificed everything for me to reach my dreams of becoming of an actress—paid my way through state, and for my MFA in acting. Now it’s my turn to return the favor.

Adan is one of the seven SEALs who remain in the squad. One of the other six set him up. One of them knows the truth. And I’ll stop at nothing to clear Adan’s name.

Only one man can help me now, a man I betrayed. Shattered his heart.

Adan’s best friend and teammate Grant. Grant and I are bound by our love for my brother. Despite Grant’s disgust for me, he would never leave his swim buddy behind.

Even Navy SEALs aren’t perfect. Everyone has a vice—drugs, porn, gambling. And I’ll exploit each man’s weakness until I discover the truth.

Seven Deadly SEALs, Seven Achilles’ Heels. They may be deadly, but none are a match for me.

This is a serial - 7 books released on the 7th of every month. Each around 20,000 words.

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