Wednesday, October 15, 2014

YA Wednesday! YA Blogs We love!



I realize I have been posting a lot of YA "related" items recently and not a lot of YA "book" reviews. I promise YA book reviews are coming. I just want to showcase the whole YA world and that world is so much more than books. It is TV, and Fandoms, and Tumbr, and Youtube, and BLOGS. So this week I am going to highlight my FAVOURITE YA blogs. So I hope you are enjoying YA Wednesdays and if you haven't come over the YA side yet I hope something posted here will inspire you.


Amber's Favourite YA Blogs~


My #1 YA BlogFOREVER YOUNG ADULT Seriously, check these peeps out. I discovered these ladies about four years ago and I have been hooked ever since. Not only is it a group of hilarious and smart ladies (and Brian) but their love of all things YA is commendable. I mean, they love YA! They post kick-ass reviews on all the latest and greatest books, they dish on all the shows we watch, and a bunch of other cool stuff. Like, they got to go to the Hunger Games set. I mean, who gets to do that. Also, the Divergent cast went to visit them. Plus they have formed YA book clubs all over the world. I mean, I wish I lived in Austin..let me tell you. I totally want to go to one of their sleepovers. Cos they involve a lot of Jameson and I love me some whiskey. I do miss Jenny though who used to be a constant on the site. She was my #1 go to for books! She has since left to write her own YA book and I am counting down the days until I get my piano fingers on that.

  •  I love YA Love ! I love that she is an adult who just wants to spread the love of YA and reading to the masses. Preach on, sister! She is seriously adorable, go look now at her about me section. She also has a section on "Books Guys Dig" where she recommends YA reads to boys (and men, no judging here bro). She is a teacher through and through and I love her enthusiasm.  Another thing I love about her blog is she is consistent. She has been blogging regularly for 4 years. She takes it seriously and it makes me like her blog more because of the time and commitment she gives it. Check her out. She loves to meet new people and she has a lot of great recommendations for adults and kiddos alike.

  • Another great YA blog to check out is The YA Bookwork Blogger . No YA Blog list would be complete without a blog run by a hilarious teenager. I love Caitlin's reviews and book recommendations. Plus she has one of the best looking blogs I have EVER seen. She always knows what is hot in the YA world and she provides these really hilarious and thoughtful. reviews Here is an example. I loved her review of Obsidian . This is by far my #2 YA blog. I can't wait to see where the world takes her. I mean, she has over 300,000 fans, me included. Big loves!

  • I love Chloe's blog YA Booklover Blog ! She has been in the game for over 4 years and she is consistently blowing my mind with her words and her book choices. She has recommended so many great stories to me, stories I may never have gotten to experience if not for her. She also does these really cool things on her blog like "Mid-Year Book Freakout" where she dishes on all the things she loved or is looking forward to this year. I really enjoy her writing style. She's taken a little break lately because she is in her final year of high school and super busy (don't laugh assholes) and I can't wait to see if she continues the blog or starts something new. Here check this post out READ ME .


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